Drug Bail Bonds

Regardless of the reason you find yourself apprehended and charged with a crime, the process is one you must take seriously. While there are a wide variety of factors that might be responsible for your current situation, your specific charge will determine how the entire process moves forward. If you have been charged with a drug offense, there are two important pieces of information that judge will look at to determine the amount of your bail.

First is the offense in question. Not all drug charges are the equal and your drug bail bond amount will be set in correlation to the offense. If you have only a small amount of drugs on your person, you will often have a lower drug bail bond than if your charge was selling a large amount of drugs.

Second is your history and current state of mind. When setting your drug bail bond amount, the judge will look at your prior history. If this happens to be your first offense, your drug bail bond will most likely be less than if you have several offenses on your record already.


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