Vandalism Bail Bonds

Vandalism is a very serious crime. In the state of Ohio, vandalism is a felony offense. As with most crimes, if you’re charged with vandalism, you can usually post bail so that you don’t have to sit in a cell while you await trial. In most cases, you will need a bail bonds company to help you post bail, as the amount will likely be more than you can afford in cash.

Actions in Ohio that require Vandalism Bail Bonds

  • Knowingly causes serious harm to a structure that is occupied or to any of its contents
  • Knowingly causes serious harm to a property that belongs to someone else
  • Knowingly causes serious harm to a property that is owned, controlled, or leased by the government, like the public school building, university building, etc.
  • Knowingly causes serious harm, without permission to, a memorial of the dead, like a tomb or a gravestone
  • Knowingly breaks into and causes harm to a place of burial, like a tomb or a crypt.

Vandalism charges, depending on the circumstances, are typically accompanied by significant fees. No matter what your charges are, we can help you secure a vandalism bail bond.


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